Saturday, May 25, 2013

Prepping a New Location

So after 10 years in the same center Bolts in the Bathtub will be moving to a new location. 

It is exciting and stressful and exciting. We will be moving to 723 West Lancaster Blvd. The city has been doing a lot of work in the last few years to revive the downtown area and there is always something going on.


The previous occupant was a law office, so there were lots of offices. It was kind of a maze or maybe that's amazing.

Our proposed layout with some fixture pieces.


The bathtub will be somewhere near the front of the store. Ours is much cuter as it is a claw foot.


We left two of the offices intact.


A machine tech area for my brother-in-law Leith and my partner/sister Fay’s office. She usually works behind the scenes checking in product, ordering, and paying bills as well as all of the other accounting work.

This built desk in Fay’s future office was dismantled


and rebuilt for a larger machine repair area for Leith.


Fay will now have a window to see what is happening on the sales floor. She may get tired of seeing us and close her blinds. 

Notice my spectacular photography – I am a ghost like figure in the shot.


Walls marked for destruction.


Then the excitement of walls coming down. (I played with PicMonkey for the first time!)

Destruction Collage

The view across the entire space towards Fay’s office.


What is that between the two support posts? Water pipes.


Fortunately, George our contractor was able to get them cut down to below the concrete. 

Although I suppose we could have installed a water feature in the middle of the store. LOL.


Next up rebuilding the space.

Stitch at you Soon,


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  1. I have got to see your new store, next time I am in Lancaster.

  2. Geez, Dawna....that is a LOT of reconstruction goin' on there!!! I'm just flabbergasted (always!) at how people know how to change a space from one thing into something completely different! It's always exciting to watch the transformation!!! For instance: cutting down water pipes to floor level? I never knew that was remotely possible! Live and learn, I suppose! :-)

    I'm glad that you are excited about the whole process. It won't be long before you are safe and sound and loving your new digs!!! I wish you all much success and stress-free days as you work toward your goal! Have a great weekend!


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