Sunday, September 30, 2012

Studio Sunday #2

Are you ready to continue the studio tour from last Sunday? If you missed last week Part 1 will take you there.


Would you like a cup of coffee to sip during the tour?


As you look into the second room you are drawn in by the incredible wallpaper border on the back wall.

It continues the vintage elegance from the first room.
Oh, the Grace frame for the owners BERNINA 820 is also noticeable. Somehow, unlike other rooms with a frame, it doesn’t seem to dominate the room.


To the right a beautiful display curio made by the owners husband holds many treasures. This is one of my favorite pieces. Sorry about the glare.


Below an antique treadle machine is supported on both sides with bolts of fabric. The carpet is so soft and cushy you could easily take a nap.


A Victorian dress and hat stand below some framed vintage  pieces.


The cupboard on one side of the doorway has a glass front cabinet to hold fabric, books and a tea set. The wire basket on top holds serger thread. Who knew serger thread could look so pretty.


The cupboard on the other side has lots of little drawers to hold all kinds of treasures.


A view back towards the first room.


There are little sewing vignettes of eye candy which give inspiration.



Or you could just gaze out the window.


I’m sorry, you can’t keep the keys to the studio, but the owner told us we can come for another time. Until then we will have to use her studio as inspiration for making  our studios as pretty as this one.


Did you sign the guest book?


I’m off to find a studio for next Sunday.

Stitch at you Soon,

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Alex Anderson Retreat–continued

The morning got away from me after staying up so late last night so here are some more show and share from the retreat.

Pincushions from our swap.


Some more great quilts from Friday.









I’ll have a few more to share tomorrow night or Monday morning so stay tuned.

Stitch at you Soon,

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Alex Anderson Retreat

Every year at this time I travel to Northern California to attend Alex’s retreat. There are five of the original 40 here this year who have never missed.

Through the years we have lost a few that we still miss dearly. Others may miss a year or two due to illness, family functions or a change of job. But we are close and enjoy our time together. Some are friends we see at other times during the year, either in our home towns or in passing at large quilt shows.

There are sisters, mothers and daughters and a mother and daughter in law. And when he is able to come is our lone guy Jim who can add laughter and joy to the room just by entering.

Here are some of the projects from show and share today.

Last years featured teacher was Laura Nownes. There were three quilts  shared from the class. The first by my tablemate Cindy.


A Patriotic red, white and blue.


A soothing green and cream.


This years featured teacher is Sally Collins. Sally makes exquisite small scale quilts and her piecing is perfection.

This show and share from a class taken from her previously is approximately 20 inches


I forgot to bring mine from a class I had taken from her, but I can share it with you. Its finished size is about nine inches.


The most amazing quilt shared was by Linda who was working on her grandmother’s flower garden quilt at retreat last year. There are 10,509 hexagons on the front of the 81” x 86” quilt.


A close up.


More quilts to share tomorrow morning.

Stitch at you Soon,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Studio Sunday #1

A couple of weeks ago Susan, the store manager at Bolts in the Bathtub, and I took a drive out of town to visit a customer friends studio. With fall coming it it the perfect time to look for some design ideas.


Look how welcoming - a bathtub to make us feel at home.


The studio owner wishes to remain anonymous. She has a love for birds and has them perched in places about the studio. This one greets you as you step up onto the porch.


The studio is built at one end of old building on the property. I believe it was a chicken coop. The work was done by her husband, including building the furniture. She is truly blessed to have such a gifted mate. Their talents complement each other as you will see by the sudio design.


Shall we go inside?

Look she has lemonade and cookies for us. The ribbon holder in the background is one of two. There are beautiful shade trees outside that can be seen through the tea stained lace valences that let the sun filter the trees soft light into the workspace.

Don’t you love the large safety pin?


Below this countertop is a pull out cutting area.


On the other side of the door is her computer workstation. And yes, her husband built the desk and bookshelves.  It is angled to allow the door to open, but get the most usable space.


Some close ups of the computer wall.


Her screen saver is of Classic BERNINA machines.

Click Screensaver to find the zip files on the BERNINA Canada .website. There are five different screensaver styles to choose from.


A chair for hand work, looking through new books and magazines, or to just breathe.

She has photo copied all of her pattern covers so she may look through a binder to find her next project.


The chair is upholstered in a piece of vintage bark cloth. What is commonly called 'barkcloth' is a soft, thick, slightly textured fabric, so named because it has a rough surface like that of tree bark. (From Wikipedia).


Across the room is the sewing center. Her 820 is covered, maybe it’s shy around visitors. The pull out drawer holds some of her threads.


There are vintage details everywhere you look. The wallpaper helps set the mood.


She asked her husband to build a wooden frame for her BERNINA accessory case. Doesn’t it look different when placed in a wooden container?

The head of another huge safety pin rests slightly behind a miniature dress form. Birdie makes clothing as well as quilts.


Large keys  accent the area behind the chair. Notice how she painted the plug fixture the same color. It makes the fixture look like a design element.


Even the phone and fan match the vintage mood.


Of course there is a beautiful old machine on display.


This post has gone a little long, so come back next Sunday to view the next room, because there is more to this beautiful studio.


Stitch at you Soon,

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Space Shuttle Endeavour

There are many great things about living in the Antelope Valley, but one of the best flew over piggy backed on a 747 this morning.

The Endeavour Space Shuttle took off from Edwards Air Force Base for its last flight this morning. It is on its way to Los Angeles to land permanently. It will transported after a couple of weeks to the California Science Museum.

It is the end of an era.



With the chase plane against the mountains you can see the beautiful clear blue skies we have in the high desert. Another great reason to live in the AV.


After leaving the AV the Endeavour was headed to Northern California before returning to the Los Angeles area and landing sometime after 12:30.

There were lots of people lined up to see the last flight.  Along Sierra Hwy with Lockheed Martin in the background.


Up and down Avenue . It was very exciting to be there. 


Built in America with Pride


I love my GG (the husband) who called to remind me or I would have missed this historic event.

Stitch at you Soon,