Saturday, September 29, 2012

Alex Anderson Retreat

Every year at this time I travel to Northern California to attend Alex’s retreat. There are five of the original 40 here this year who have never missed.

Through the years we have lost a few that we still miss dearly. Others may miss a year or two due to illness, family functions or a change of job. But we are close and enjoy our time together. Some are friends we see at other times during the year, either in our home towns or in passing at large quilt shows.

There are sisters, mothers and daughters and a mother and daughter in law. And when he is able to come is our lone guy Jim who can add laughter and joy to the room just by entering.

Here are some of the projects from show and share today.

Last years featured teacher was Laura Nownes. There were three quilts  shared from the class. The first by my tablemate Cindy.


A Patriotic red, white and blue.


A soothing green and cream.


This years featured teacher is Sally Collins. Sally makes exquisite small scale quilts and her piecing is perfection.

This show and share from a class taken from her previously is approximately 20 inches


I forgot to bring mine from a class I had taken from her, but I can share it with you. Its finished size is about nine inches.


The most amazing quilt shared was by Linda who was working on her grandmother’s flower garden quilt at retreat last year. There are 10,509 hexagons on the front of the 81” x 86” quilt.


A close up.


More quilts to share tomorrow morning.

Stitch at you Soon,


  1. Absolutely love that grandmother's flower garden quilt! Also a little melancholy - that's the pattern I used on my very first hand quilt, a Christmas tree skirt for my cousin that won 1st place at the LA county fair just before I met you and you taught me to machine quilt.

  2. P.S. absolutely adore your fabric/color choice on the quilt you made in her class.

    1. Thanks /Tami, I never thought I would make a quilt that small, but now that I have I think I will do it again.


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