Thursday, September 6, 2012

Breakfast with Susan Rios

Yesterday dawned as a perfect morning. It was overcast which gave the day a decidedly fall feeling. We even received some rain during the day. I t was great to be at the store and watch it come down outside. The only way it could have been better was if I could have been out walking in it.


I decided to set the table with some of my Longaberger butternut pieces to ease into fall.  With them I used my very first set of dishes – Liberty Blue. My Mum got them at the grocery store the summer before I started my second year of college.

Some of you might notice something different in the dining room. I’ll tell you about it on Saturday. There is something missing in this picture. The first one who notices and comments on it I will send a small gift.


I hadn’t used them for years and unpacked them from a box in the garage. The original plan was to set the table for six, but there were only five plates. Then there were only four mugs. I know what I need to look for the next time I go to an antique store.


The placemats and napkins were a wedding or shower gift and pulled the colors together perfectly. The napkin rings are from Gifts in the Attic. A store long gone, but forever missed.


It was then I realized the table reminded me the two Susan Rios pieces I have upstairs.
Susan’s paintings evoke a vision of serene elegance and timeless beauty. Click  on Susan Rios to go to her website.
I have been lucky enough over the years to get to know here and she is as gracious and amazing as her work. I purchased my first piece of her art in 1989.


The plate under the teapot was once one of hers and seemed perfect for the table. The teapot was up in the cupboard just waiting for the dishes to reappear.


The doilies were made by my MIL years ago. They were given to me when visiting this summer. I didn’t notice the rust spot until just now, I’ll need to bring home some Vintage Textile Soak from Bolts.


I’ve started to change the sideboard towards fall as you can see in the background. My shamrocks are perking up in the slightly cooler weather.



The Art of Susan Rios has been out of print for many years. It is one of my favorite coffee table books. The large doily underneath was made for me years ago by an employee.


The place setting: The Liberty Blue with the butternut make me think of fall leaves against a crisp blue fall sky.


The silver ware was my Mum’s. She no longer used it and gave it to me years ago.



The square plates were last used for the Under the Sea tablescape.


You can just see the new addition to the dining room at the bottom of this picture.


Thanks for joining me, I truly enjoy all your visits.

Stitch at you Soon,


Cast :
Plates, mugs & fruit bowls – Liberty Blue
Chargers & leaf plates –
Longaberger Placemats & Napkins – Wedding gift
Flatware – William Rodgers

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  1. Did you finally put your "Christmas" tree away?

  2. Sorry Elana, but considering how long it was up it was a good guess. It was actually an Easter tree remember. Plus it was in the living room. LOL. Love, Dawna

  3. And the winner of the gift is actually Susan Rios. She posted the answer to what was missing on the table on my facebook page. I will also send the gift to the first person who posts a comment here.

  4. Hi Dawna!
    What a pretty table. Love the butternut with the blue, and the napkins are perfect!
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

  5. It looks beautiful - just love the color combination...perfect for Fall!!


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