Saturday, September 15, 2012


Tomorrow September 16th would have been my Dad’s 87th birthday. He was a man who personified integrity, dependability and love. He lived by the golden rule and he was never too busy for a hug.


As his children we were blessed; he could make us laugh, taught us to work hard, and how to enjoy life. He and my Mum were there to support us even if we didn’t always accept advise given.

He didn’t really understand my obsession with fabric. I remember the first time I entered a quilt in a local show. I didn’t win any ribbons, but the following Monday at work he presented me with a hundred dollar bill and told me I was winner in his eyes.

He lived by the golden rule and he was never to busy for a hug.


He and my Mum had a marriage for us to emulate. Their love surrounded us and showed us that marriage is a friendship and a partnership. But that a couple is made up of two individuals. that may not always agree. You should - “Stick and stay and make it pay.”

He loved hockey and soccer, which stemmed from his growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. He was proud to have become an American citizen, calling it the Excited States of America. What we in the family refer to as a Gordism. A quote or saying by Gord.

One was “When in doubt, strip(throw) it out.” We were in the magazine distribution business and covers were returned for credit. It is a perfect quote for today when so many are trying to simplify their lives.

 Here are some of our other favorites :

  • “Charm, Good Looks, Personality, Credit Cards - I'm Good To Go.”  
  • “I've Got a Good Memory, But It's Short.”  
  • “Do You Need to Sharpen Your Skates?” (Visit the bathroom before leaving the house). 
  • “Infatuation Comes and Goes” (Said to my sister and her husband when they announced they were engaged). 
  • “George in the  Sky” (Jack in the Box).  
  • "You’ve  Got to Get Up Pretty Early in the Morning to Steal This Much Money.” (Driving past high rise condo on Wilshire Blvd.).
  • “You Irishmen are All Alike”. With his Mum and Dad who were from Belfast and his older brother Harry.
And the question he always asked when he talked to you on the phone. – “How’s Your Car Running?”  It’s in the shop Dad and I love you too.  

Thank you for being my father. I miss you so very much,

 Love, Dawna.


  1. Oh what a loving and precious post and tribute to your dad. I soooooooooooooo miss mine too. Hugs, Marty


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