Friday, May 17, 2013

Back to Blogging

As we all know “Time Flies”.

Somehow this spring it completely got away from  me. It also seemed that the longer I was away from blogging the harder it was to restart. But last night seemed to be the perfect night to catch up.

I wrote the following last night:
Earlier today the electrical box at the entrance to our housing development was hit by a car. I came home for lunch while running errands. It  must have happened between the time I turned onto the main drive and opened the fridge to make a salad. At first I thought the light had burnt out. Then I realized that none of the clocks on the appliances were working.

It is now 8:50 and I am peacefully writing by candlelight. However, first thing on the list for home upkeep is to refill the battery drawer and find out why none of the flashlights in the house seem to work. I’m sure the Golf Guy will figure it out when he gets back to town tomorrow.

Luckily there is some battery power available on my laptop. There is a lovely cool breeze coming in the windows. If this had happened a few nights ago it would still be in the mid eighties at this hour.

What have I been doing for the last two months?

1. Driving to see & spend time with my brother who had a stroke. We are blessed that his recovery is progressing and he is working so hard in all of his therapy. Thank you to all who added him to your prayers.

2. Preparing for Bolts in the Bathtub’s new store location. Our move to Lancaster Blvd will be sometime in the next three weeks. Just in time for the Southern California Quilter’s Run. The demo/rebuild is slated to be finished a week from today, May 24th.

3. Making two quilts for the run, one of which will be featured in the book being produced by Mountain Peak Creations. Preorders of the book are available, but the quilts may not be shown until the first day of the run. I will have a post ready to go up with pictures first thing the 20th of June. Bolts was a little crazy, we made four variations on the quilt design for our area.

4. I finished my Madison’s Star quilt,

a set of baby quilts for twin girls for a work colleague of the GG,

SC2 (2)

making quilts for Strip Club meetings,


two more baby quilts were made from a poorly designed pattern (it was supposed to be a large lap),


and I have almost completed all the blocks for the Toes in the Sand block of the month starting at Bolts this Saturday.


This is my favorite block. There are 43 pieces in each one.


5. My cousin’s were down visiting from Canada for two weeks. For them a holiday is being in the warm weather with a list of projects. One of the projects that they helped with was to rearrange the master bedroom. It’s been on my list for quite a while as the furniture had been in the same place since we moved in ten years ago! However, with marble tops on the large dresser and bedside tables, help was definitely needed. I have drapes and a new quilt to make before sharing the redo.

Tomorrow the 17th is my birthday, so today I treated myself & wandered around the Antique Asylum. I found these fabulous turkey plates for my gift from Mum. I have never seen anything like them before. They have a Spring look.


No power yet, so this will have to be posted tomorrow. 

Stitch at you Soon,
(No really, I promise.)


PS - The power came back on at 4:28 am.


  1. Your post is well worth waiting for!! You have been the busy little bee! Your "finishes" are so lovely and, I'm sure, all of the other projects will come out at the same high level!!! Glad you're "connected" again!! Hugs, Doreen

  2. yay and welcome back to blogging so we can see what you have been doing! You put all us piecers to shame, as usual. I am in awe of your quilt producton and lime green with envy. Brava, now go get some Prosecco and your favorite mix in to celebrate! I'll share mine with you with a glass raised tonight. Hugs, S.O.S. ps - dishes are pretty great.....

  3. Thanks for you visit and sweet comments. You sure sound like you've been busy. No wonder you've had no time for blogging.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. Wow, you HAVE been gone for a couple of months...and with good reason! I am so sorry to hear about your brother's stroke. I know that has to have been tough on everyone in your family. I hope that his recovery effort continues up, up, up!

    I'm not EVEN going to get into why you're making a quilt for a strip club!!! :-) I guess strippers need to keep warm, too! :-)

    Being without power is one of the most aggravating things!!! I'm glad it was at least cool enough for you to be able to have some measure of comfort, and REALLY glad you had a little juice in your computer. That reminds me that I need to keep mine souped up in preparation for outages during this storm season. You just never know!

    Best wishes on your big move!!! That sounds like quite the undertaking!!! I hope there is no headache involved.

    Happy belated birthday to you!!! Have a wonderful week, and thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello!

    1. Alycia, you made me LOL. In the quilt world strips are cut from the WOF (Width of Fabric). Strip Club is a class using 2 1/2" strips to make a quilt. Women get a kick out of telling their friends they are going to Strip Club. Thanks for the laugh and the visit.

  5. See, that wasn't so hard. Sorry to hear about your brother, I didn't know - BIG hugs and prayers coming your way for him. I wish I was able to help with the move this time. I know you'll make it an amazing space. Can't wait to see what you do with that bedroom - LOL seems to me you wanted to rearrange before I left 6 years ago! Glad you got some unplugged time and had a great birthday.


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