Monday, August 27, 2012

Napkins – Part 1

What comes first the dishes, the linens or the theme of the table? It varies depending upon what time of year it is, who is coming to the meal and how your muse speaks to you.
  This is the fabric I used for last Thursday’s tablescape.


Many times my muse is struck by fabric that I see at Bolts. Sometimes we order a particular fabric because I instantly see it as napkins (or as I call what I make lapkins) on a tablescape or it matches some dishes that I own.

Cloth napkins are great for everyday use as rarely are they so soiled that they cannot be used for more than one meal. In Victorian times napkin rings were engraved with family members initials for this reason. For more  on the history of napkins click on this link: History of Napkins .
 And yup, I own quite a few. Of course when you make so many you need to find somewhere to store them. When  I had my sideboard made I had no idea how perfect the bottom drawers were going to be.

Look there are some new ones I made for a Paris themed dinner in a few weeks. I’ll have to find a place to squeeze them in.


Another view to show the beautiful linen fold doors. My dining room furniture was made by the husband of one of our customers at Bolts. Dave is the most fabulous craftsman. You can find his website HERE. The marble for the top was purchased with a gift from my MIL.


Space  for quite a few. Right Side –


Left Side -


The middle drawer hold some luncheon and paper cocktail napkins. There are more stored in the linen closet and stacks cut out ready to serge in the sewing studio.


Lapkins are using half of the width of the fabric. This gives you a finished size of about 21” after hemming them with your serger. So for a table of six I purchase 2 1/2 yards of fabric. That gives me two extra for a bread baskets, under the centerpiece or if someone needs an extra.

If you love to set a table, creating your own napkins allows you to add a fun spark of your personality. I warn you however that it can become addictive. Everyday napkins are stored in a Longaberger basket in the kitchen.


After a dinner party I clear the table, spot my linens with Grandma’s Spot Remover and throw them in the wash before I go to bed. I have had some for over 15 years that are still as nice as the day I made them. 

Tomorrow I’ll take you step by step through cutting and the settings for serging them on the BERNINA 1150 MDA.

Stitch at you Soon,                             Dawna 

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  1. Wow, I love your great napkin collection and also how you store them..terrific! The piece of furniture where you have them is lovely too. Thanks for your visit hon. My medallion was hand made to order, here, where I live. Go ahead and place yours on, it'll look like the crown on a queen! Enjoy your week.

  2. That sideboard is gorgeous! and the perfect 'resting spot' for those beauties! I have made my own cloth napkins for years and still get a chuckle when I put them out and am told that they are too pretty to use and would I put out the paper ones.....NOT!!

  3. You do have a very nice collection. I love napkins and so wish I had a serger to make my own with the finished edge. I have many napkins stored in some unused drawers in a guest room. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Fabulous collection! I don't own a surger, but I'm going to follow you now that I've found you. You are a post before me at Seasonal Sundays.

  5. Wow, your sideboard is stunning and our collection of napkins is fabulous. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  6. What a collection of napkins. I love that you make them, you can find such great patterns!


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