Sunday, November 18, 2012

Studio Sunday #6–Topstitch Quilters

First off I apologize for missing the last two Sundays. I unfortunately had an awful case of the stomach flu the first week and was still not up to par last weekend.

Today I have a lovely treat for you. A visit with Susan and Lisa, the mother/daughter team who own Top Stitch Quilters. It is always great to see a family business that  works and they are a wonderful example.


Just inside the front door is a sign that many of us understand and emulate.


Right below is the check in counter for your quilt. The wall between holds a shelf made from an old sewing cabinet drawer. In it are flyers about fabrics for backings, a quilt show opportunity flyer and other assorted quilt information.

Framed to the right and down is the company’s pricing information. They accept credit cards, Pay Pal and of course the green stuff.


The computer has quilting designs to choose from. They also have books with patterns printed out. The basket holds some wide batik backings.

As you look across the counter you can see their Gammill equipped with a Statler Stitcher. To the far left is their personal sewing areas. We will visit that another day. They both complete a lot of projects.

On the wall behind the Gammill are some of their personal quilts


and hanging below on the right are quilts in the queue to be quilted for customers.


A lot of light comes in the front window which makes it easy to choose threads for quilting while at the counter.


Dixie and Annie are very interested in everything that is going on and oversee from the landing.


They are sure they are in charge of quality control. And want to help choose your quilt design.


Threads and other staples for prepping a quilt. Rulers are easily accessible and many large refill bottles of Best Press are lined up on the floor.




An ironing board is stationed at the end of the Gammill. 


Is it wrong that a tray of pins looks so yummy?  A quilter’s eye candy.


Some antique spools and a painted hatbox decorated the top of a cabinet.


As we head towards the front door there are a couple of pin cushions made by Susan that sit on a trunk by the front door.


She made this one at Bolts in October in a class with Nancy Bednar.


Thanks for visiting Susan and Lisa’s studio with me. And thank you to the two of them for letting me share their space. If you are interested in seeing more of their work visit their website  at

Stitch at you Soon,

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