Sunday, November 25, 2012

Studio Sunday #7–A Painting Class

One of the previous Studio Sunday’s was a visit with painter Susan Rios. Today I went back to the studio with my friend Peggy to take a Cre8art Workshop.

I have never thought of myself as an artist so it was to be an adventure. The snowman was my second ornament. 


There were six students. Some of the other women had been to previous classes and others were first timers like us. 

The table was covered in two different pink & white laminated fabrics – a check and a pink dot.


Each setting had a clipboard with paper to paint, a sleeve with a variety of brushes, a water container for wetting the brushes (not on the table as yet and an inspirational quote on a small card to take  home.


Susan talked about our choices for the day and shared some inspirational ideas. She collects vintage Christmas postcards. They are stacked at the front of the table holding extra ornaments and watercolor postcards.


She made the wreath after seeing one similar to it on Pinterest (sorry, the sun was bright through the window)


and then interpreted it on an ornament.


A couple of other ornaments Susan has painted.
Some snowmen.


A cupcake. Wouldn’t a bunch of these be cute on a kitchen counter tree?


Like this cute pink one Susan has! I think I need to find one of these. I think she got hers at a yard sale. The lights and even the wires are pink.


So we started to cre8art. The table didn’t stay neat for long. We used acrylic paint, you can see my box on the right hand side.


Susan demonstrated technique on an ornament.


I practiced poinsettias and wreath arrangement on the paper and decided the wreath might be the way to go.


Mine wasn’t too bad for a first try. The glitter helps to hide things.


Peggy who is an incredible artist painted the snow scene from one of the postcards. Look at all that detail. The gold ornament has Winnie the Pooh with ribbon scrolls. It is for her granddaughter.


A couple of other artworks:


Debbie was another artist. This was from another vintage postcard.


It was a lot of fun and I will definitely try to go for another class. Peggy and I lined our ornaments up to dry befroe the trip home.


As we left Susan's’ studio it was still a ridiculous 70 degrees. I know winter must be out there somewhere. Just not in Southern California.


Thanks for the visit.

Stitch at you Soon,

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