Saturday, May 19, 2012

Quilt Blocks–Modern World

We have been working on some new samples for Bolts in the Bathtub. Today I  finished one that will go to Lisa and Susan at Topstitch. At first glance it looks as if you have to make a lot of flying geese. I can hear the groans as they echo across the web.


But wait! The Moda fabric line is called Quilt Blocks and it is actually a stripe. It is a Modern quilt, so has a lovely simple appeal. Not a lot of piecing, but boy you need to get your 1/4” right or your solid stripes will not match up.


Here I have  laid out some completed sections just to get an idea of the of how it will look. I know the front of the pattern shows has a picture, but lets be honest, when you get this far we all want a visual. The pieces will need to be shifted as the blue stripes need to match up.


Cynthia at the store sewed the bottom section last weekend and I cut the flying geese stripe and pieced the top section and put the two together. You gotta love the Bernina foot #37. Two different sewers, one on a 550QE and the other on a 630.


This is the completed top pinned on the wall. It is a great lap size at 57” x 65”. It was designed by Ellen Luckett Baker. Sorry that the slat wall stripe shows through. Once it is layered and quilted it will be gorgeous. I am thinking of lots of little circles to offset the linear quality.


I found this great Alexander Henry fabric at the store. I coordinates well with the top and will give a fun little burst of color when the edge of the quilt is flipped. When I showed Tiffany (my friend and blogger of Needle in a Hayes Stack) thought up a great name: Modern World.

I hadn’t really been sewing in the last couple of months and this and another I will show in the next couple of days have me dreaming of playing in fabric again. Picture me as Scrooge McDuck. But with fabric instead of dollars and cents and a huge smile on my face. All you quilters know what I am talking about.

Stitch with you soon,


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