Sunday, May 6, 2012

Super Moon

Did you go outside and see the super moon last night?
I went for a walk with my friend Paula Reid ( )
and her husband Dan to enjoy the sight.

I love taking pictures of the moon,
although they are never as wonderful as the moon is in real life.
 Click on the link below for some awesome shots of last nights moon taaken by professional photographers.

Do you have the same thoughts as Vincent Van Gogh?

Starry Night below is from as a free wallpaper for your desktop.

Vincent Van Gogh painted many times by moonlight including Starry Night, painted in 1889.
For more information on Vinnie as we call him in our family :
or for in depth reading the new biography VAN GOGH The Life, by Steven Naifen and Gregory White Smith gives a new look an artists life. At almost 1000 pages including photos, and index it is an amazing journey into Van Gogh's life.

So now you know, I love the moon and Van Gogh.
Did you know that a few years ago Exclusively Quilter's had a line of fabric with Van Gogh. My friend Tiffany Hayes at designed a quilt that I was lucky enough to be given. I'll dig out a photo to share with you soon.

Click on the link below for some awesome shots of last nights moon.

Stitch at you soon, Dawna

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