Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Run is Coming, The Run is coming!

The Southern California Quilters Run is coming.


For eight days quilters will travel the roads of Southern California in search of fabric, clues, prizes, fabric, food, mystery patterns, and did I mention FABRIC?

All of the ducks & ducklings at Bolts in the Bathtub are flipping their feet and flapping their wings as fast as we possibly can. This duck isn’t helping, she is just cute and has decided to live in our backyard.


There is new fabric coming in, quilts to design and piece and patterns to write. Then there are the  three B’s.Otherwise known as borders, backings and bindings. As quickly as we get them made we are calling in our fantastic quilters to stitch the layers together. Then it is time for the binding fairy – also known as me – to trim and bind. Just a few bindings waiting for quilts.


This is what the lineup looks like right now. Five quilts of various sizes. The  one at the bottom is one of our Mystery Quilts. One is a Cat in the Hat and two are original designs of Tiffany’s from Needle in a Hayes Stack.  She works with us here in the store and her mind conjures up pattern designs every time she opens a box of new fabric. The second quilt down in the stack is the quilt I showed in the Quilt Blocks - Modern World post.


Oops, forgot about this  one draped over the end of the banister at home. Can you see  quilting pattern of the whales? It was quilted by Vickie’s Quilt Studio.


The plan is to get them done by Friday as we are expecting  more in the door from the quilters. We hope to have a few more completed that are on our list. It depends how soon the fabric arrives in the door.

It’s kind of like the night before Christmas. Presents to make, house to  decorate and goodies to eat. But the family we are expecting is over 900 people. 

In Area 1, runners will receive a free pattern at each store. each pattern will be for a particular block for a quilt made combining the 7 stores blocks. We lost a store in area 1, so Bolts will be giving out directions for two of the blocks. Each block pattern will also include directions for a quilt made up of just that stores block. That means if you visit all seven store you will receive 9 free quilt patterns.

So grab your friends and join us for this years run.

Stitch at you soon,

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