Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ocean Minded

I’ve set up the sideboard in the dining room and the one in the front entry
way to continue my current ocean theme. This coordinates with my
Coastal Breezes table from a couple of weeks ago.


The dining room sideboard is one of my favorite places to decorate.


A lighthouse bought years ago fits perfectly inside this years
Longaberger valentines basket wrought iron basket stand.
Place upside down the  bottom of the hearts kind of look like
waves lapping at the lighthouse  don’t they. As I have two m
ore lighthouses this size I almost wish I had  purchased
extra stands.



I found two of these at TJ Maxx months ago before I even
thought about decorating in an oceany (I know it’s not
 really a word, but it seems to work) theme.  One is in
front of an Italian platter the other matches the dishes
on the table. 


My Hutschenruether tureen from our wedding china is
filled with ocean scented potpourri.


Using a mirror as a base reflects the base of this great 
candlestick found at Marshalls. When I brought it home I
decided that one  wasn’t enough, I needed a pair. When
went back they were on sale! Some were five  dollars and some
ten. I of course got the ones for five dollars. Except when I
unpacked  the bag at home  they were for tapers. So I had to go
back and pick up the ones for ten. And no, I didn’t return the
five dollar tapers, that would just be silly.


Another container filled with shell potpourri. There are
so many great choices of these this year. If you liked the
one on the Coastal Breezes table, I have seen a smaller
version at Bed, Bath & Beyond. 


Emma, my beautiful Maine Coon supervised from the
stairs as I moved to take the pictures of the entryway sideboard.


Front hallway with reflection of living room. It made me decide to
lighten up in there as well. Does anyone have any recommendations
for white sofa and chair slipcovers?


More lighthouses and a perfect sign for my frame of thought this summer.




Another great shell potpourri.


Lantern from Longaberger (current item) with candle
and candle holder from Marshals.


Close up of the candle and candlestick. I have seen
the candle with the coral in a coral color.


What is it about starfishes that seem so happy?


Thanks for visiting with Emma and I .

Stitch at you soon, Dawna

I am joining Susan at Tablescape Thursdays.

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