Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bernina University - Day 1, 2012

Welcome from Washington DC. I am in DC for this years annual BERNINA convention. This morning was opening session and as always there were wonderful new products presented. I apologize if my picture quality is off as they are shots of the large screens at the from of the conference room.

One of the photos on the large screens. The original photo is not mine. I will try and find out who the original photographer was. Isn’t she beautiful.


Here are a few of the highlights:
With launch of the new 7 Series machines, BERNINA presents a world’s first – the BERNINA 9 Hook. It combines elements from a CB hook, a rotary hook. Plus the extra large size bobbin like the 8 Series. 

A bobbin that gives you 80% more bobbin capacity of a standard machine. How fabulous is that! Longer sewing times between bobbin changes. Precise stitches at faster speeds and it’s even quieter.


There are three different models to choose from. They arrive in September, just in time for all that holiday sewing and embroidery. More info to come in the next few days.


Now imagine expanding upon your creative muse. Introducing DesignWorks. Built upon the Cutwork platform, DesignWorks is a suite of accessories that is truly unbelievable. There are three: Cutwork, Paintwork and CrystalWorks. More on this tomorrow after my class. But just imagine using your machine not only for cutwork, but now your embroidery machine can draw and paint or get precise placement of detailed rhinestone designs.

For all of you who kept asking here it is: 


Yup it’s big news for all of you that use a Mac.

And a new website for consumers goes live on July 18th.

The last speaker this morning was Brian Holloway. For those of you who do not watch sports, Brian was the team captain of the 1985 New England Patriots, AFC Championship Team. He was a warm, funny, informative and inspirational man. Very tall and very, very large.


In the afternoon I went to a 8 Series for Non Techs class, and a  District meeting.

This evening thre was a Welcome Reception. There was a lot going on - good food, lots of laughter, caricaturists, and balloon artists. Also George & Martha Washington and Abraham Lincoln. It was quite a mix.


In early America, the symbol of freedom in the Revolutionary War is of the three musicians leading the victory parade. I’m just lending support.


A balloon artist and three of her crowns on some lovely royalty.



A monkey sitting on his own. He must have wanted to be alone for a snack.
Good night from the capital.


Stitch at you tomorrow with more news from BU.

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