Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bernina University – Day 3, 2012

Today I had three classes, but tonight I will share some info from the first one.

The class was Ctrl-Alt_Delete and was about about Embroidery Design Studio that we carry in Bolts in the Bathtub. We were given an overview of the designs that are coming up for purchase from now trough December. As usual OESD has beautiful options for every type of embroiderer.

In the Merchant Mall they had some great displays using different design cards.

This sofa has been recovered in many of fabrics. The center back is embroidered with lots of large open embroidery. A great way to show your creative style. Plus as it is very freeform, no worries about lining up designs.

The Quilt on the right side of the sofa is called Veggie Garden Play Set.


Change the look of a room with new embroidered screen panels on a fireplace screen. This tonal stitching is very elegant.


Or how about an entire bedroom using black, white and Tiffany blue.


Chandeliers on cabinet doors. Yes, the necklace is made on the embroidery machine then put together with jewelry pieces.   


Close up of one of the doors. Wouldn't these be gorgeous on the corner of napkins and a tablecloth?


A case covered with fabric and a Frenchie inspired theme.


I can see myself stitching this out real soon.


How about  a soft & shabby bench top? How many ideas did these photos give you?


Isn’t it time to get to your BERNINA and embroider?

Stitch at you soon, Dawna

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