Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tropical Breezes

The tropical breezes give the air a sultry feeling as you sit down to my dinner table this week. I set the table last Friday morning as I was leaving town for the week. But as I am in Washington DC the temps are reminiscent of a visit to the tropics. Hot with lots of moisture. I am as my niece Briana calls me currently Aunt Fluffy. Those of you who have some natural curl understand this I am sure.


I pulled everything from around the house except the salad and dinner plates. You can never tell when you will find inspiration for a new tablescape. I happened down the seasonal aisle at Walgreen’s last Thursday evening and saw the melamine palm tree plates. They were a steal – marked 2 for $3.00. But it got better, when I checked out they were on sale for $1.34 a piece. So $16.08 for the lot.


Note to self: always remember to check for memory card in camera before taking pictures. I though I had some nice blue hour shots from earlier in the evening, but no SD card, no pictures. Good thing I checked before packing the camera.


May the sound of the ocean and the breeze through the palm trees take you to a restful spot.










I love these chargers so much I am wondering how another set would look painted in a dark tone.
. IMG_1436

Thanks for joining me  at my table.


Salad & Dinner Plates – Walgreen’s
White square plates – Sweet Olive Designs, Fancy Scroll  Collection – Home Goods – Early Spring 2012, Charger – Pier 1
Glassware  – Home Goods
Flatware – Longaberger
Box, candlesticks and everything else was rounded up around the house.

Stitch at you soon, Dawna

I‘m joining:
Kathleen for Let's Dish
Susan for Tablescape Thursday


  1. Woo hoo....great bargain dishes from Walgreens...gotta love that!!!

  2. You got a fine deal on those plates.. Love love the table, especially the wonderful centerpiece. That is truly a masterpiece. I have those chargers too and thought they'd be great in gray or even black.. or my favorite right now.. turquoise!! Did you put this together while at BU? Amazing. What'd you think about the machine and the ink drawings? I could have a blast with that.. great table.. xo marlis

  3. I love to see what inspires each tablescape...for this table those fun plates from Walgreens...who knew? I LOVE those chargers! Really gorgeous! Great table and makes me feel cooler already! Hugs, Linda

  4. What a beautiful table - especially all lit up with candles. I can just imagine dining on a tropical island with cool breezes blowing :)

  5. It's fun to find that spark of inspiration. Your table is full of lovely details. I can feel the tropical breeze.

  6. I think those dishes would fool anybody! Very elegant! Now I must add Walgreens to my list of dish sources! Very soothing and tropical, and the candlelit photos are gorgeous!

    1. Elaine, thanks for the kind words. The funy thing is I had taken pictures during the day, but didn't have the memory stick in the camera. A large oops that turned out well. At least I noticed before I went to bed as I was leaving town the next morning at 4:30 am.

  7. Lovely table...those chargers are still among my favorites, but I refuse to pay that price!

    1. The price isn't so bad if you get a gift card. Other than that I try to pick up one at time. It doesn't seem so expensive that way.

  8. Very pretty, Dawna. I love those plates what a bargain! Thanks so much for linking your tropical table to Let's Dish!


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