Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mood – As in Fabrics not Attitude

My friend Nancy Bednar is visiting and will be teaching three classes at Bolts in the Bathtub this weekend. every time she visits we make a pilgrimage to Mood Fabrics.

If you watch Project Runway you will recognize the name from the show. For those of us who love clothing sewing (my first love) it is a little piece of nirvana.


Looking towards the back of the store.


From the middle of the store towards the front. The yardage is on rolled on tubes rather than folded on the bolt. It is pretty much floor to ceiling.


A small selection of  silks including china and dupioni. Did you know that silk dupioni is created with the threads from two different silk worms. The thread is rougher than regular silk, and contains bumps and irregularities where the fibers from the two cocoons are combined. This is my friend Peggy’s favorite part of the store.


Both Nancy & I purchased a cut of this pink and brown knit snakeskin print. 


It should be a fun dress to wear.


A selection of ribbon.


And elastic.


As Tim Gunn says on Project Runway, “Make it Work”. How would you make it work with one of these beautiful lengths of silk?


If you haven’t been to Mood and live close enough to do so you should go. They are a fabulous independent fabric store. There are two  locations – one in New York and one Los Angeles. If not visit their online store at mood designer fabrics.

Stitch at you Soon,

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  1. Absolutely love, love, love silk dupioni. When I had my sewing shop (specializing in bridal/formal wear) I had several weddings entirely of that fabric. A dream to work with. Have yet to use it in a quilt, though (exactly "what" am I waiting for?????!!!!!). Thank you for sharing such an awesome shop!!!!


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