Sunday, October 14, 2012

Studio Sunday #4 -

Welcome to the 4th Studio Sunday. Tonight we will visit with someone who is in the process of moving her studio space around in her home.  Her sewing studio is on one floor and her long arm studio another. Her area is so tidy it is hard to believe that it is ever used. But she spends some time in one studio or the other daily.


Of course as she knew I was coming there was a whole lot of cleaning going on. Note, I haven’t shared my studio as it is not fit for outside eyes. I venture to say that yours looks similar to mine.

This week we will look at her sewing studio, next week her long arm area. One  look and you can tell this is an organized woman.  Her machines are set up in solid wood furniture from Unique Sewing Furniture. The upper cabinets are from Home Depot and were hung by her husband.

Her two embroidery machines are side by side which make stitching on two projects at the same time easier. Her serger is visible at the left side of the photo. 


Embroidery threads are in the cupboards above the BERNINA 200E.


She has been finishing up the stitch outs for her Aquamarine Ambience quilt on her BERNINA 830E.


Piecing is done on her 440QE. She is currently making blocks for her Anvil quilt using Sharon Craig’s pattern and the Corner Cutter Ruler.



Rulers hang on the wall. Her cutting table has recently moved to the garage, which is just across the hallway.


She has been working on clearing out excess books, so it is easy to find a title on the shelf. The Michael Crichton on the bottom shelf must be to read while waiting for a design to finish stitching.


Kits for quilts are stored upstairs so we will see them next week, but the small walk in closet stores some yardage for future projects one one upper shelf,


and cotton yard for the dish cloths that she makes. I have been lucky enough to receive some and they are my favorite.


Bolt storage is on the floor in front of a unit holding stabilizer. I have just realized that Accucut dies used to be stored in here. I wonder where she moved them.


A finished quilt for her son is awaiting trimming before binding on the ironing board. 


And a basket of tailoring hams and other pressing accessories have a home in a Longaberger basket on the floor. 


This is a multi talented seamstress. She produces clothing, impeccable valances, embroideries and quilts. Her work is beautifully crafted due to her attention to detail

Now that everything is in place, the next step is to decorate the walls with accessories. We will visit the room again in the future and see what cute things have been added.

Stitch at you Soon,


  1. I love these studio tours. Thanks for taking the time to post them.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting to read them. I really appreciate it.

  2. I have just spent the last few days trying to organize several sewing rooms' worth of stash that have been residing in ONE sewing room. All laws of physics are suspended in this area! LOL! Am not sure it's better but there will be a wall/floor area clear to put the HQ Sweet Sixteen set-up that I will pick-up this Thursday. In the days ahead I know I will spend time looking for things that used to be somewhere else but now are organized in to totes/shelves, etc!!!! Not "picture worthy" but the room seems to have more 'air' in it now! Hehe!


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