Sunday, October 7, 2012

Studio Sunday #3 - Alex Anderson Retreat

Sometimes the studio you are working in is not your own. Or it is a temporary studio that you set up in a small area on a retreat or when you go to a friends for the day. Today I will share the room at this years Alex Anderson retreat. To see some of the quilts from our show and share click here and here.

Some of us draw names and make pin cushions to exchange in honor of Marlene who we lost a few years ago.


One of the great things that can occur  at a retreat is there is always someone who is willing to show you a new technique. Alex had a small gather around and shared her method of doing Redwork. You can see some of the design boards in the background.


Our guest teacher was Sally Collins.


Her work in small scale is amazing. She gave a three hour lecture on borders.


I took a class from her a few years ago and highly recommend it. Even if you have no desire to work small scale it will up your game.


Linda who come from Texas for the retreat has taken her classes a couple of times. This is what she was working on.


The other side of the room was very productive.


Patti Hempen was working on a new design. Her first book came out this year.


Erica is our rocket scientist. She is pieces with precision and is not afraid to use her seam ripper if it isn’t right. She also has a fabulous sense of humor and keeps our side of the room in stitches (not the sewing kind).


Her area is always very organized and neat.


Stacks of blocks in progress.


Even her pins are aligned. I moved some of the yellow to the blue side and she corrected them immediately.


My table mate Cindy & I push our table together with Natalie and Joyce who are mother and daughter.

This year there was two mother/daughters, one MIL/DIL and three sisters. Julie and her MIL sit across the room from us.


My table mate and her roommate. We are the three musketeers. Cindy and I have been at the retreat all 12 years.


Deb is working on her Singer Featherweight she seemed very serious when I took this shot,


but I kept shooting as if I were paparazzi  and she started to laugh.

She makes beautiful traditional quilts and usually has this lovely smile on her face. She is also one of the ones who helps put everything together for the retreat. Susan who is in charge of our registration was ill this year. We missed you and hope you are feeling better.


We are very lucky that Carolie who owns The Cotton Patch brings a store to the retreat for us. These are just a few of the bolts that she brought. My post later today will show her shop from our little shop hop.


Thanks Alex. It was another fabulous retreat and we are all counting down the days to next year.


Stitch at you Soon, 



  1. Looks like a fabulous time! :) Off to see the quilts.

  2. Whew!!! Just looked at all those quilts....amazing! And that "Grandmother's Flower Garden" (10,000+ hexies!!)-words aren't there to describe!!! Awesome post!!!

  3. OK, how motivating is your post? Can't believe the miniatures, how wonderful. I don't know of "my game" can handle being upped that much! Looks like a great time...


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