Friday, October 26, 2012

PaintWorks with the 780E

I have been playing with PaintWork portion of DesignWorks on  the 780E. You can purchase just the tool or the tool and software. PaintWork and CrystalWork only work (LOL) with the 580E, 750E, 780E & 830E.


After opening the DesignWork software I chose the Paris file of the Eiffel Tower. It comes into the software in the Jumbo  Hoop.

Paris designworks

I sent the design and resized it once it was on the 780.  If you don’t resize the machine will stop every time the design is outside of the hoop.

The PaintWorks tool is attached in place of the presser foot. There are four different sized holders for pens. The pens that come with your box fit in holder #4.

Below the pen is set into holder with the guard up out of the way. Make sure it is down as you place your hoop on the machine.



As embroidery machines are color blind I changed the ink color so my Eiffel Tower and Paris were pink. I left the city and the outline black.


The screen counts done time just as it does while embroidering.


It is interesting to watch how the design was digitized.


A section will be partially painted and the tool returns after an area has dried. Below, the lamppost is receiving the outline.




I made one in brown and black as well. I am thinking they will be great pillows.


Drop by your local BERNINA dealer and watch the PaintWork Tool in action.

Au Revoir, Stitch at you Soon,

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