Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Really Long Day - Part 2 - Working on the New Location

So as I said in A Really Long Day - Part 1, the completion date for the new store was Friday the 31st. This was the store Friday morning at 7:15.


Not that the job is actually completed. There are still wires hanging, switch plates with no cover, no thermostat on one side of the building, ceiling tiles that need to be replace and ceiling grid to be fixed/touched up. And the classroom doors aren’t installed. 

Oh wait, our doors are missing. They were in the store on Friday morning but now, no longer in the building. Hmmm. Sorry for the blurry shot.


So Friday during the day fabric  and racks were moved at the old (current?) store so we could remove slatwall panels. Then Sheryl & my nephew John unscrewed six panels for us to take to the new store. Isn’t it pretty?


Saturday we met at the store at 7:30. More panels were removed. A big thank you goes out to Shaun, the son of our customer Robin.


Our family friend Cy came over from Ventura to be in charge of the install at the new store. He has done this for us now at all three locations. That’s him smiling in the background as the truck is loaded.


Then on to the new store. where Cy & Shaun got started.


The main wall completed.


Meanwhile I returned to the store and with power tool in hand removed more pieces of slatwall to take to the new store. I welded the power tool, but Susan, Sheryl and Fay held the pieces steady.

I’m sure I have never mentioned this, but I love power tools. One year for Christmas, my favorite gift was a my very own Makitta drill.

Lunch was ordered from The Lemon Leaf down the sreet. One of the great things about moving to Lancaster Blvd. We definitely need some chairs.

Meanwhile, Tiffany from Needle in a Hayes Stack and her husband Scott had come by the new store. Scott went home to get his carpet cleaner for the back hallway. there were demo pieces, wood dust, spackle and a trail from the previous tenants.  

I can’t seem to find my before shot, but I’m sure Tiffany has it to share. Scott is amazing. When he was done it almost looked new.


Some of the front windows are slated for new glass due to graffiti etching. There was a sound and one of the windows started to crack.


Thank goodness there was a vinyl tinting still on the window. Although it was scary listening to it crack. So now until the new panes arrive we have a lovely sheet of wood.


We finally finished up at the store around 6:45. Driving home was the awful view of the fire in Green Valley. My heart goes out to all residents and all they have lost. I pray they were able to get their horses and other animals out safely.


Stitch at you Soon,



  1. A lot of work, but looking good! Take care of yourself too though and don't overdo!

  2. Ah gals, it looks so nice, even at this stage. How lucky are you to have all that help. If I was closer I'd be there pitching in too! Can't wait to see the "afters". Take care and agree, take it easy.....


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