Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ready (mostly) for Moving Day

It has finally arrived the big moving Day. Well actually, the first of a couple.

When I left the store last night at 7:30 the guys from Metro Floors had put the carpet in Fay’s office


and were placing all the vinyl baseboard.


See our shiny floor, my niece Briana and I worked on floors, painting baseboards and other paint touch ups on Monday.


Peggy painted the power/storage room.


Poor Bri held the handle of the roller so long she had trouble strightening her hands on Tuesday morning. There are a total of 5 coats on the floor. I’ll add the products in tonight as I can’t seem to find the product pictures.


Hopefully, the contractor will show up this morning to finish all his last minute jobs. We need plates on all the plugs & switches, the doors need to be put into the classroom along with assorted other items. The doors were found. A new frame is being built because they made the door opening the wrong size. I also need to find out when the glass is being replaced.

Oh, and when they were working on the frontage yesterday they somehow killed the lights down the east side of the store and Leith’s machine tech room.  It’s really hard to service a machine with no power.

At noon were get out ceiling fans installed (very important in the desert) and around the same time the new locks will be installed.

More tonight,
Stitch at you Soon,

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