Thursday, December 13, 2012

Haute Ho Ho Quilt

Late yesterday afternoon at Bolts Peggy and I were looking at the Christmas fabrics and wondering why the bolts one of our favorite groups were still so full. So I quickly designed a simple quilt and we got to work.

One of the ornaments on the fabric Haute Ho Ho by Maywood Studios.


The ornaments run the length of the fabric.


I cut 6” strips across the width of a one yard cut. The ornaments could be fussy cut, but due to the different shapes they would not be square. And we wanted to make something quick and fun.


On the other side of the cutting table Peggy cut the lengthwise damask stripe from a yard and 2/3. It is an uneven stripe so she made the pieces approximately the same width.


Six inch wide pieces were added to the top and bottom of the ornament strips.


Alternating the strips on the tables. I t ended up quite a bit bigger than we thought it would be. Note that the filler pieces on the ornament strips are not the same size. This allowed us to slide those strips for placement. Once placement was decided we could cut all the strips to the same length.


Here I am sewing like crazy – Peggy was pinning and pressing.


Am I the only one who put pins in her shirt when sewing?


We started cutting the quilt top around 4:20 and by 6:00 when Peggy left for the day all that was left was the outside border.
Peggy’s quote at us getting it done so quickly was “I’m not crafty, it’s the Elf I swallowed.” After all, it is the Christmas season.

A 2” finished border was put only on the top and bottom. It is the same pink used on the ornament strips. The outside border is also directional. Two 6” lengthwise widths were  cut for the side borders. From the remaining fabric  four 8” widths were cut.

The sides were added first. The top and bottom borders weren’t wide enough so I used two fussy cut ornaments with pink, and  2” finished pink spacer.


The top and bottom borders were cut at 8” to balance out the quilt top. Yes, it’s a very busy quilt. But it would be a lot of fun for a little girls bed during the season.

Ours ended up 72” x 69”. Not too bad for a quilt made in four hours. Today she will get quilted. I’ll share that next week when I set a table with napkins made out of the striped damask.


If you are interested in the fabric you can find it here - Christmas/Winter Fabric.

Merry Christmas.
Stitch at You Soon,


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  1. Wow, that's a pretty quilt! The fabrics all go together so well, and the ornaments are so cute! It's fun to craft with a friend, and the project goes so much faster.

  2. Fun and fast! What more could you ask?

  3. That is adorable! Wish I was as quick a quilter...maybe it's the pins in the shirt or no maybe the elf that you ladies work so fast so well. Thanks for sharing. Found you through I Gotta Create and I'm now following you on GFC.
    Jessica @ a Humble Creation

  4. Festive and colorful! Wonderful when it's quick, too. ;)

    Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!


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